What Is Pre/Post Occupation Cleaning?

What is Pre/Post Occupation Cleaning?

As the name suggests, this is the process of preparing a building or indoor space that has been occupied by another person for occupation by new people. It involves a thorough cleaning and sanitation of the space to remove filth, sanitize, degrease and wash fixtures, surfaces and other items.

This type of cleaning is often carried out by leasing companies or those who intend to occupy a space. It is a more in-depth and comprehensive cleaning service than end-of-lease cleaning. It addresses a variety of issues that have accumulated during the occupancy period like permanent marks on walls, grime and spots in the kitchen, stains on carpets and windows, etc. It is also necessary to repair minor damage and replace broken items.

Protect Your Security Deposit

When you move out of a property, it is important to leave the space in pristine condition to protect your security deposit and maintain a good relationship with the landlord. This can be difficult to achieve if the property is in disrepair, but a professional post-occupation cleaning company can help.

Eliminate Dust and Allergens

A dirty space can create health problems for future occupants, especially those with respiratory issues. It can also encourage the growth of pests like roaches, rats and termites. A Pre/Post Occupation Cleaning service can eliminate these and other pest infestations, ensuring a safe and clean environment for the new occupants.

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