Several leading companies are using phone number verification tools

Phone validation solution helps companies to ensure that the information they store about customers is accurate. It can help them save money and avoid fraudulent activity. It can also enhance their business productivity and reduce the amount of delivery errors when sending SMS or voice messages to their contacts.

Several leading companies are using phone number verification tools to improve their customer data accuracy. These tools can be used on any website, mobile app, or CRM application to verify contact details. They can also be used to clean up existing databases to eliminate waste data and improve conversion rates.

Verify leads at the point of capture and at regular intervals afterward to ensure high data accuracy for all customer records. This will prevent invalid and misleading information from entering a company’s database and lead generation process.

NumVerify is a simple yet powerful API for international and national number validation, covering more than 232 countries worldwide. It can be easily integrated with any application by making a request using a basic URL structure and receiving results in JSON format.

Telemo offers number APIs that can be used to validate caller IDs, identify a country of origin, and determine the carrier of a phone number. These solutions enable businesses to increase customer acquisition, assess risk, and prevent fraud by leveraging real-time data.

Melissa Global Phone can assess whether a phone number is valid for a region and identify the country of origin from the international access code with just a phone number input. This phone number lookup can identify the location of a US/CA only landline, mobile, or VoIP number and can be used for lead scoring, fraud detection, and identity verification.

Loqate helps you to capture the right phone number, mobile, or landline at the point of entry and can be integrated directly into any web or mobile application. It is ideal for verifying new phone numbers, preventing spam and malicious use cases, cleaning up your database, and keeping your users safe from being blocked by their carriers.

Neutrino’s phone validation API is easy to integrate with any application and can be used to validate local or international phone numbers. The number is returned in JSON format and contains details like the country of origin, line type, and carrier.

ClearoutPhone is one of the most popular phone number verification services and is being used by more than 10,000 companies around the world. Its multi-tiered process includes international telecom authority validation, multiple carrier lines validation, and 3rd party verification to ensure the accuracy of a phone number’s data.

It can be used to verify phone numbers in bulk or as a one-off service for flagging and removing invalid numbers from your database. Its platform is cloud-based and automatically updates, saving your time and money.

Twilio is a unified communications platform with various channel APIs, serverless tools, and completely programmable solutions. It enables data-driven conversations across email, voice, video, and WhatsApp.

TextMagic offers text messaging and a gateway API that allows users to send texts to their customers, employees, vendors, and more. It can be integrated with any online application or website and supports extended SMS messages.

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