IPQualityScore uses a unique combination of user and transaction data

Easily filter bots and non-human traffic which may be causing click fraud, fake accounts, SPAM or fraudulent orders. Block them in real-time to boost your sales and protect your brand.

IPQualityScore uses a unique combination of user and transaction data to produce an overall risk score ranging from 0 to 100. A score of 90 or higher indicates high risk of fraud, click fraud or other suspicious behavior. By using this scoring algorithm, you can prevent fraudulent traffic and increase your sales while lowering chargebacks, reversals, duplicate accounts, and other lost revenue.

A fraud prevention platform that helps businesses protect themselves from all sorts of threats and fraud attacks, IPQualityScore is one of the most comprehensive services around and comes with a huge range of features to help you defend your business in multiple ways. These include proxy VPN detection, email validation, device fingerprinting, and more. The service also has a host of pricing plans to suit all kinds of businesses, from free options right up to top-tier, enterprise-level plans that offer huge resources for the biggest companies.

The most important thing to know about this platform is that it works in real-time, ensuring that you’re protected against all types of fraud and other malicious activity before it can impact your business. This means that you’ll get far fewer problems like chargebacks and fraud transactions, and you’ll be able to save money and provide your customers with a much better experience.

As a fully automated solution, IPQualityScore takes the stress out of managing security. This reduces your need to review post-analysis reports and notifications, saving you time and allowing you to focus on growing your business. In addition, it provides a faster response to any issues that are detected so you can take action and stop them in the future.

This tool can be used by a variety of industries and businesses, from ecommerce to banking to insurance. However, it’s particularly popular with tech firms because it helps them reduce the number of fraudsters who try to make fake accounts or access their software and other technology solutions fraudulently. It can also be used by travel agencies to prevent fraud related to booking and cancellations.

A great feature of this tool is that it can detect if an IP address has been linked to a known source of fraud, which is a huge help when trying to prevent chargebacks and other problems. It also offers detailed reports on how your website is performing, as well as recommendations on how to improve it. In addition, it also has an API that you can use to integrate it into your existing system. This makes it incredibly easy to set up and start using. The system is also very affordable, with prices starting at just under $10 a month. For larger companies, there are plans that go up to $299 a month. This is significantly less than the cost of other similar tools that can perform the same kind of functionality.

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