Baby Hats for Every Season

Newborn Hats for Every Season

Whenever it’s cold out, babies need a little extra protection from the elements. We’ve got a collection of the best baby hats to keep them warm, comfortable, and stylish. Shop these hats for your baby here and be sure to check back frequently as we add more styles to the collection!

Hats for Babies in Winter: Bunting & Fleece Wool Caps

If you’re looking for a cozy winter hat for your baby, then look no further than this tousled fleece wool cap by Engel. This adorable hat will keep your newborn’s head and ears warm, and it’s made from pure organic Merino wool that feels incredibly soft against their skin.

Sun Hats for Babies: Bucket & Bonnets

Depending on the climate in your region, your baby may need a hat in the summertime as well. You can pick up a breathable cotton knit with our signature stripes or a lightweight linen baby hat detailed with a woodland motif to keep your little one cool and protected from the sun.

Baby hats come in all shapes and sizes to suit your little one’s style and comfort. From sun hats to bucket hats, there’s something for everyone in our collection!

A hat can provide warmth on a cold day, sun protection during a hot one, or a bit of style for photo-taking moments. With so many options, it’s easy to find a hat that suits your baby and your lifestyle!

When to Use a Baby Hat

When you take your newborn home from the hospital, they’ll likely get offered a hat to wear, usually right after birth. While this is a common practice, experts advise that you don’t put your baby’s hat to bed with a hat on their head because it can lead to overheating and could cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

If you are holding your baby in the first hours after their birth, try to hold them directly to your chest, skin-to-skin, and let your body temperature regulate theirs instead of trying to keep them warm by wearing a hat. That way, they won’t overheat and you’ll be able to spend time bonding with them instead of worrying about their body temperature.

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not newborns should wear hats, and many experts believe that it’s best to let your baby swaddled in a blanket or wrapped in a burp cloth instead. This is because a blanket and a burp cloth will give your newborn more warmth than just a hat alone.

It’s also a good idea to avoid putting your newborn in a swaddle with a hat on their head because they can easily overheat and get suffocated. In addition, a baby’s head is much larger than their entire body and they can lose quite a bit of heat through it.

It’s important to remember that all new babies will be a little different, so it’s important to do your research about when your baby should wear a hat and when they shouldn’t. Some experts recommend that you start wearing a hat when it’s cold out, and then stop after they’re comfortable with the temperature, but others agree that it’s never too early to have your baby’s head covered when the weather gets colder.

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